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Q: How long will it take to catch up my bookkeeping?

A: The honest answer is your books didn’t fall behind over night and the further behind they are the longer and more manpower they take to bring current.  Accounts more than six months behind often require 100% manual entry.

Another factor in how long your accounts will take depends upon how many accounts and transactions require reconciling for your business as well as how organized and accurate your record keeping is.

That said, we too are business owners and we understand the life of an entrepreneur.  No matter how big of a mess you think you have or how far behind you are we are here to help.  And if you are on top of your records and are just looking to shift that burden to someone else…give us a call because we love helping clients like you too!!

Q: How much will it cost?

A: This will depend on the state and number of your accounts.  Our rates depend on whether you require simple account reconciliations or what we consider “clean-up” bookkeeping, where we naturally take more time and consideration and want our best team member on your account.  For those current on their books and are seeking weekly or monthly bookkeeping services use our Contact Us page and ask which package is right for you.