The 2017 Health Care Crisis

Lions, Tigers and Bears…OH MY!!  have you HEARD about the rate increases?

How can a small business afford to cover themselves with rates going up? How can they even DREAM of offering it for their employees?

It’s simple really…we just need to do a little MATH!!

Algebra to be exact…ha! Thought you could go the rest of your life saying you never use that stuff huh? Never fear…KISS My Books is here! KEEPING IT SUPER SIMPLE so you don’t actually have to do math…in February KISS My Biz Club members will receive another MAGALICOUS spreadsheet!!

My favorite…The Super Simple Bill Rate Formula!!
That’s right, I created a formula based on YOUR ACTUAL expenses to determine how much you should charge and how much you WANT to profit. This one is a game changer and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!
Now back to the apocalypse, I mean health care…
I can hear you all thinking…BUT, Vicki even if algebra didn’t scare me…won’t I scare my clients away with rate increases? No…maybe…but really no and here is why:
  1. No…They know! I promise for really real they too can empathize with your pain and are considering raising their rates too. They too have heard about the healthcare crisis and they too are on the edge of their seat wondering what the wizards in Washington are going to do about it and what do we all do till then.
  2. Maybe…sure maybe you might lose a customer or two but really…is that the kind of client you want? Someone who would wants to pay you less than you are worth, less than you can afford, and so little you and your staff can’t even get good healthcare?
  3. But really…no! Magic happens when you determine your worth from a place of value. I’m not talking about discount savings “that’s a great value”. I’m talking about VALUE!! As in you KNOW your worth and that YOU are the ONLY YOU that can do what YOU do!! YOU are special and those that WANT to work with you will move mountains to do so at any cost. Even better new clients will respect you more when you are not trying to discount your rates making them wonder why you are so “cheap”. You will actually gain business by getting away from discount selling of your services. You’ll attract far better clients too who appreciate your quality brand and want to support your business.
  4. Finally…and most importantly…your rates shouldn’t change that much. I’ll happily work with anyone to see how you can make small increases across the board or create small scaled increases over a short period of time.
What is there to be afraid of? Who knows what the wizards will bring in the next few years but I know one thing…a little bit of math and a spreadsheet is all we need to keep the FEAR away. I mean really…it’s just False Evidence Appearing Real anyway right?!?!
Author: Vicki Murphy

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